AutoIT ‘AVM-DVR’ bus market full-scale entry
AutoIT ‘AVM-DVR’ bus market full-scale entry
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Successful product supply to Ulsan ‘Woo-ri Bus’
Expected to expand sales to the local bus industry
“Supporting a variety of products that reflect customer needs”

[By Seung-han LEE] A multi-channel full HD class around view monitoring system (multi-channel full HD class AVM-DVR) developed by AutoIT(오토아이티), an IT company for automobiles, is getting a good response in the bus market. As some local bus companies are interested, sales are increasing gradually.

According to AutoIT, this month(November) it delivered multi-channel full HD AVM-DVR products to ‘Woo-ri Bus(우리버스)’, a bus company in Ulsan. Woo-ri Bus is the fastest bus company to introduce new products in Ulsan area. Woo-ri Bus is said to be responding well to the products introduced this time.

“Since the installation of the product, We liked the functions of USB backup and monitor playback, as well as the superior image quality compared to existing products. We especially interested in the control program, one of the additional functions.” said a Woo-ri Bus official.

An AutoIT official said, “When Woo-ri Bus purchases a product, many bus companies in Ulsan will trust and care about the product. Therefore, we expect sales to expand to the bus industry in Ulsan starting with Woo-ri Bus.”

AutoIT has competed with famous domestic DVR products that have exclusive status in the bus market and low-cost Chinese products. There are also more and more cases of successful orders by passing the difficult company verification process with excellent quality. Currently, it is mainly focused on DVR products, but product lineups such as multi-channel full HD AVM-DVR systems are also diversifying according to company requests. Last year, it was supplied to some local school bus, and it is gradually seeking to expand the market by route bus.

“We are focusing on the bus market from last year until this year, and we have introduced a variety of product lineups to the market and are making some remarkable achievements. We will analyze the bus industry’s response and needs in the future to improve our products and plan to launch a full-scale market launch.” he said. AutoIT CEO Myung-hwan CHUNG(정명환) said.

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