“5channel AVM is essential for excavators”
“5channel AVM is essential for excavators”
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Show off tech. at the ‘Plantworx’ Fair in UK
without blind spots that are suitable system

[By Seung-han LEE] AutoIT(오토아이티) participated in the ‘PLANTWORX 2019’ fair held in Peterborough, central England from June 11 to 13, and introduced full HD multi-channel AVM-DVR products.

Plantworx is the largest construction fair in the UK. The event is attended by major construction equipment companies as well as electric equipment technology company around the world, and is considered to be an important event to introduce the latest technologies to the UK construction industry. More than 15,000 people visited the exhibition hall in 2017 alone. This is a big event for the industry.

At the event, AutoIT introduced a 5channel AVM-DVR dedicated to excavators. AutoIT participated in the event in the form of delivering the product to Synergy, a local British customer company. In the exhibition, it was impressed by the fact that it is a system suitable for excavators and special vehicles. The products on display, like other autoIT products, have cameras all over the excavator, but the two cameras installed only in front of the vehicle differ from other applications.

“When the excavator arm is raised, the operator driving the excavator will not see a portion of the front view. We solved this problem with a 2channel camera in front.” said Ki-jin KIM, director of the AutoIT Research Institute.

The front camera can attach to the location wanting through the fine adjustment. This allows to respond to various types of excavator models. In addition, a dedicated wide top view screen is implemented on the monitor for equipment that requires a wide viewing angle such as an excavator or a special vehicle. It is expected that the working radius is efficient in the wide heavy equipment.

“During the event, many people showed interest in the product. Specific consultation inquiries were also steady. Therefore, we expect positive signals to be heard in the future, starting with the UK. To this end, we plan to increase product perfection and focus on informing the characteristics and advantages of products through various routes in the local area.” said AutoIT CEO Myung-hwan CHUNG.


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