AutoIT, enter the defense industry market with advanced technology
AutoIT, enter the defense industry market with advanced technology
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Multi-channel AVM-DVR exhibit at ‘ADEX 2019’
Emphasis on the success stories of pilot installation of some military equipment
Notify the advantages of application to various operational fields
“Innovative Equipment Operation and Safety Ensurable”

[By Seung-han LEE] AutoIT(오토아이티), a development and production company of automotive IT products, participated in ‘Seoul ADEX 2019’ held at Seongnam Seoul Airport from 15th to 20th to seek full-scale entry into the defense market. At the largest aerospace defense exhibition in Northeast Asia, AutoIT introduced its own developed multi-channel full HD ‘around view monitoring’ system(hereinafter, multi-channel full HD AVM-DVR).

At this exhibition, the products that were released to the general public as well as major domestic and overseas military companies and military officials are 4 channel full HD AVM-DVR. The product can be stored in the storage device as well as the clear image quality obtained from four cameras mounted on the front and back and left and right of the vehicle, respectively, on the monitor. In addition, monitor images are said to have little interruption and safety because there is no blind spot. Basically, it can be extended to 8 channels, which is universal, and can be used in various situations according to the intention of the product user. It is equipped with an AVM camera that can be waterproof or dustproof, so it is not a problem even if exposed to the outside. There is an evaluation in the market that competitive products are equipped with marketability that can not follow.

The products have already been commercialized since last year, and have been fully verified for their quality by being installed in concrete mixer trucks, children and youth school vehicles, cleaning cars(pressurized dust and rubbish style model), tank lorry for extinguishing nuclear power plants, and construction equipment such as excavators. The military equipment, including the excavator for engineers, as well as the ‘land mine protection vehicle’, has been piloted and installed to open up the possibility of entering the military market.

Many munitions and military officials who visited the booth at the ADEX also showed great interest in AutoIT products. “The safety and convenience of operations are an indispensable factor in the development of military land equipment recently. Functions such as advanced driver assistance systems(ADAS) are no longer necessary only in the private market. We could confirm that AutoIT is responding quickly in this field and strengthening its technology.” said a company official who develops military vehicles.

“The battlefield environment is rapidly digitizing, and there are also studies in the military to minimize casualties during operations. Considering this, the AVM function that allows the troops to monitor the outside in safe equipment seems to be attracting attention as an important safety equipment. I was able to gauge the possibility of future military development by looking at the latest AutoIT products.” said a military officer.

AutoIT said it has focused on informing military officials during ADEX period that multi-channel full HD AVM-DVR is optimized for military equipment that prioritizes safety.

“Since last year, some military equipments have been piloted and installed, and the side effects of safety, as well as the possibility of driving on the general road(land mine protection vehicle) and the possibility of minimizing the working force(excavation machine) have been verified. In the future, we plan to further improve the quality and improve the military demand so that it can be applied to combat equipment such as new tactical vehicles and tanks that the ROK military is pursuing. We actively announced the efforts of these companies through ADEX event.” AutoIT CEO Myung-hwan CHUNG said.

Since last year, AutoIT has been promoting its strategy to grow into a global auto parts company by producing and supplying various intelligent automobile products such as DVR, safety system, multi-view camera, monitor, AVM and smart factory products. Recently, the company is actively seeking to enter overseas markets. To this end, the company participate in various overseas exhibitions and announce the products. It is typical to participate in the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) held in Las Vegas every January. In June, also participated in the ‘PLANTWORX 2019’ the largest construction fair in the UK, in Peterborough, central England.

Meanwhile, 430 companies from 34 countries participated in the Seoul ADEX 2019. These companies exhibited 1730 booths indoors, and 92 kinds of land equipment and aircraft were exhibited in the outdoor space at the airport mooring area. The event was evaluated as being able to see the present and future of the aerospace and defense industry in one place. A total of 95 foreign defense ministers from 53 countries, including military key personnel such as the president of each military, and the chief of the acquisition, and high-ranking officials from related companies attended the meeting. In addition, was reported that practical business consultations have been conducted on products that domestic companies are exporting to Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

“The B2B meeting for technology exchange between small and medium-sized companies in Korea and advanced companies in overseas markets was actively arranged, which would have contributed greatly to creating high-quality jobs by providing the best opportunity to become a small but strong company in the future.” the organizers said.

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